A Christmas Message and gift ideas from Us to You

To all our clients and blog readers,

The Natural Health Practice team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas!

If you haven’t quite finished (or started!) your Christmas shopping and are looking for the right gift for family or friends, why not treat them to a Natural Health Practice gift voucher?

Gift vouchers are available for any treatment or service we offer including reflexology, hypnotherapy, relaxation, and massage. Vouchers make ideal gifts whether it’s to help make a difference for someone you care about, or simply to give them a lovely, well deserved treat! They can be used any time in the next 12 months.

We also have a selection of very nicely packaged soaps, lotions and oils that are handmade in the Peak District. These products make ideal gifts and they smell great!

Just call in and see us! We’re open most evenings Monday to Friday. During the day we’re open by appointment only, so if you’d like to pop in during the day just give us a call on 01298 72260 (if you get the answer phone, please leave us a message!) so we can be there for you.

A very HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you all! And we wish you a healthy, peaceful and wonderful year ahead.

Best Wishes from all the team

Bridget, Diane, Alice, Tim, and Alison

The Natural Health Practice


Hi this Bridget Andrew here from the Natural Health Practice in Buxton. We are situated across from the railway station. I am a master Reflexologist and have been practicing this ancient Chinese technique for over 20 years.

We have a number of practitioners, who are masters in their fields, that can assist you in bringing your body back to maximum health, physically, mentally and emotionally. (FULL WELLBEING).

Appointments are available from our receptionist Louise.

We look forward to seeing you.

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“Welcome to The Natural Health Practice blog…it’s a new thing for us, and hopefully will be much easier for us to keep you up to date with what’s going on and, to let you know about special offers too!
You might have noticed that we have a new look at the Practice, with a new sign outside, new info on the windows, and new leaflets, so if you are passing on your way to, or from the train, on your way to Aldi, or just mooching, please do pop in and say hi! We’re open from 10am Monday to Friday, so it would be great to see you!
We offer a whole range of treatments from Massage & Reflexology to Life Coaching and Counselling, with friendly, professional therapists!
Appointments are available throughout the day and evening, so we’re able to fit in with you!
So, do pop in and have a chat with our lovely receptionist Louise, or ring and leave a message and we’ll get back to you!
We look forward to meeting you soon!”

The Law of Attraction

by Nadia Sylvester

For everything that happens in life there is a ‘Cause’ and ‘Effect’. The Law of Cause and Effect influences every aspect of our daily lives, it is not magic but simply the law of the universe and it is real. This law states that for every movement of energy such as a feeling, a belief, a desire or expectation or any other action there is a corresponding effect or consequence. This is a very powerful law whose influence permeates through every aspect of our daily living experience.

In Hindu philosophy they call it ‘karma’ which means to ‘act’. Sir Isaac Newton discovered the law of action and reaction where each and every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore each time we think or do something ‘a cause’ it will result in something ‘an effect’.

Each one of us is responsible for the way we think and act. How many of you have heard the saying that whatever you send into the universe eventually comes back. Send out a negative message and something unpleasant is sure to happen, send out positivity and sure enough good things will happen. Have you ever found yourself asking these questions “why are there certain people in my life”? Or “why am I not earning enough?” Often we hear the refrain “why am I still stuck here?” Try to visualise the incidents which led up to you being in this situation, take yourself out from your current location, try to sit outside away from distractions and conduct an overview of your life from an objective standpoint. Now time to remember and analyse things in more depth. I can assure you this type of exercise will not take much time as that picture will appear quickly, as if you are taking a snapshot on your phone and can see the image almost instantaneously. Think about it for a minute, this is your key to work on self-discovery what exactly happened at that moment in your life when you ended up with certain types of people or a job or a situation. Ask yourself “how did it all start, how was I feeling, why have things changed and what can I do now so I can lessen the negative effects on my life and my wellbeing?”

Remember if you are not happy with the effect then you can always change the cause, i.e. if you not happy with a certain person in your life, then you will need to seriously consider whether being apart might not be better.
It is the same if you are having financial difficulties. You need to accept that you are the one who is responsible for this cause that is having such a detrimental effect on your life, time to take responsibility. Ask yourself important questions before spending money such as “what do I really need rather than what do I really want?” ‘Needs’ are much more critical than ‘wants’ so this is a good start to changing the way you think and act in relation to money. The best thing to do is to become more conscious of your surroundings and how you attract things into your life; remember your thoughts and actions affect almost everything in your life. You may ask, “But how does that happen?” It is amazing how our thoughts can take so many different forms and can actually attract energy to them. This energy then manifests according to what form your thoughts take whether they are about fear, desire, fantasy, choice, beliefs, behaviour and so on. When you start thinking positively in your life the outcome or the effect of your positive thoughts will create a desirable result; it is wholly under your control, you just need to start working on it.

I will give you an example from my life; when my 14 year marriage ended I was left emotionally drained which had a massive effect on me physically. I felt tired, I refused to speak to anyone, I cried a lot; plus I had debts and was also in a foreign land with no immediate family to talk to or a shoulder to cry on so it was very hard. Add to this the fact that I was not eating or sleeping properly served to further weaken me. After a week of this I woke up one morning feeling barely able to even lift myself up to go to the bathroom and at this lowest point I experienced a massive wake up call. Instead of continuing in a downward spiral I decided to face up to and take responsibility for what had happened in my marriage.

It was my decision to trust in my spouse as it was the only possible way I could have left Iraq. I needed to get married, our families knew each other and we had grown up together. My putting 100% faith and belief in him was my only option. We both wanted to leave the country, we made a pact to do so yet my first big mistake was to believe his promises that he would always look after me. I was instrumental in the plan to leave Iraq after The First Gulf War, I made all the plans & preparations, concealing money, keeping documents safe and taking risks in order achieve this goal. My second big mistake was that I supported him financially and emotionally during his full time engineering studies in the mid-1990’s when we were already in the UK. What I failed to see was that his promises were all empty and that he would say and do anything to ensure he completed his studies and graduated. I worked night shifts in factories, post rooms and even took on another job as a twilight retail sales assistant in order to support the family and ensure he could continue studying at university. I used to say to him” Don’t let me down as you haven’t delivered any of your promises so far, but I will do what I can in my power to help you”. After finishing the twilight shift and the night shifts I would return home exhausted yet I would then have to drop my older daughter to school, spend the day looking after my younger daughter, then only 2 years old before taking her with me to pick up my older child from school. Once I had fed them I would then get ready to go out and work again. During this period I was perpetually exhausted, hardly getting any sleep and I am amazed I was able to function at all. Yet I made these sacrifices for the good of my family. My continued ‘blind faith’ in him was in part due to the fact that he also promised me that he would support me in completing my computing degree. Unfortunately I had to drop out of the course after only 6 months as I simply could not cope what with the jobs I was doing and the running of the household. What I realised is that I allowed myself to get into situation, living on a hope and a prayer, thinking better times would be around the corner. Unfortunately when the realisation finally hit me that things would never change for the better, that my best endeavours were a lost cause, my disappointment was extreme and profound.

One day I sat on my bed lost in my thoughts, when suddenly I heard a voice in my head. “Hold on Nadia, just for a second had you not been day dreaming about getting a divorce and having your freedom”. This was the life I had always wanted, to be free of a controlling and manipulating spouse, free of the bullying and mental torture. After this epiphany I started praying every morning and every evening for this to happen, started thinking during every waking moment how I would work towards this goal.

From the moment that I faced facts that this is MY life for me to live as I wish, I was reborn as a new person with a gift of freedom which I gave to myself and which has no beginning and no end. After that I took control of my life and started seeing the bigger picture. I started reading self-help books, going to the library to research and read up on new subjects. I even managed to find a new temporary day time job in a very short space of time plus I started writing down everything I liked and everything I did not like. I found it very helpful and it provided me with the clarity I needed. That is the power of positive thinking. Resist the temptation to compare your life to someone else; this is the time to give yourself a different direction and to start focussing on yourself. Start with your weaknesses, your limitations that led up to your current situation in life where your thoughts were self-limiting, how you could not do this or do that and would blame everything and everyone. This is a wake-up call for you to start attracting only positive thoughts, rejecting negative thoughts by taking control of your life and destiny.

When you start thinking negative you will attract nothing just bad things into your life. For instance, if you think that you cannot get a job because no one will employ you, guess what you will never get a job because no one will employ you. This is not strange but true and is an example of a negative “cause” resulting in a negative “effect”. What you have done here is that you have attracted this negative thinking and your subconscious mind takes it as an order as it does not differentiate between positive and negative thoughts. It will work like a hard disk drive in computer, cold and objective which will store any information you save onto it. However, this will cause you only depression, anxiety, anger and really you don’t want to go there, as we are happiest living a life where we fill our thoughts with positivity, a can do attitude and see all obstacles as opportunities.

Let’s see what we can do here; our thoughts lead to immediate effects so be more conscious of the quality of your thoughts and their effects as this will enable you to quickly alter undesirable outcomes.
Start by thinking of all the good things that have happened in your life; recall all your happy memories. Then consider what would be your ideal life style then pause here for a second and start imagining that you are already living in that beautiful house and surrounded with the people who really care about you. This imagination can be reality when you start setting your goals and working every day to reach them. You need to know exactly what you want and how to do it, this is the power of thinking. It is why other people are more successful than others, not because they are cleverer than you. No, it is because the way they think is different. Find them and learn from them.

Practise this exercise –

– Take a deep breath and let all your negative emotions flow to the sky,
– Say you are a good person and deserve only good things in life
– Say you are loveable and intelligent
– Repeat to yourself 3 times “I like myself and I love myself”
– Give yourself 30minutes free me time and relax
– Begin to create an action plan for your future.
– Now start moving in the direction of the future you want.

This is your life and this is your future, think only of the positive.