by Diane Oxborough

People are curious about hypnotherapy. Everyday I’m contacted by individuals who think hypnotherapy could be the solution to their problem; The magic wand that will get rid of their stress, anxiety, IBS or smoking habit. Often, the same people can feel apprehensive of being hypnotised and have some strange ideas about what will happen to them if they come and see me.

And how should they know what to expect? Most of us have seen Derren Brown or heard stories about stage hypnosis, and that’s how some people form their ideas about hypnosis. Some people even imagine they will have a stopwatch swung in front of their eyes and will end up revealing their deepest secrets! There are a lot of myths about hypnotherapy. I think it’s important that before a person decides to book in with me, they can begin to feel informed and know what to expect. So let’s put things in perspective and learn a few truths about hypnosis.

Everyone can go into a hypnotic state. People sometimes tell me that they can’t be hypnotised. This is usually due to an experience where they expected to feel hypnotised, and expected it to feel ‘weird’. The truth is that hypnotic states usually feel familiar. This is because we go in and out of naturally occurring trance states all day everyday. Generally speaking, a ‘trance’ is an altered state of focused consciousness. If you’re driving on the motorway and miss your junction, you were in a type of trance. When you spoke to someone and they didn’t hear you because they were so engrossed in what they were doing, they were in a trance. The state you’re in just before you wake up in the morning, when you’re neither asleep nor awake, is another common trance experience. The bottom line is this – If you’ve got a pulse, you can go into hypnotic states.

Don’t expect to feel ‘hypnotised’. However, do expect to feel increasing levels of relaxation. Some people think, “I won’t be able to go into a trance state because I can’t even relax at all!” That’s what the therapist is there for. Relaxation is about learning to relax. A good therapist is able to adapt their approach and assist you in learning this. It’s not that people can’t relax into a trance state, it’s that they don’t yet know how. It usual for clients to be surprised to learn they can relax so deeply, and to find the whole experience extremely enjoyable.

You are in control. The hypnotherapist does not take control of you but, rather, they guide you through a process that induces a healthy state of relaxation. It’s you who achieves the relaxed state simply by following the instructions given to you by your therapist during the session. If I say to you, “Close your eyes”, you close your eyes by choosing to follow my instruction, not because I made you. At any time during a hypnosis session, you would be able to open your eyes if you chose to – The truth is that being in a hypnotic trance state is so relaxing and pleasant that you want to continue enjoying it and can’t be bothered to move!

It’s good for you and simple once you know how. Hypnosis is extremely effective for healing and transforming stress-related issues. My clients are always happy to discover they can quickly gain control and overcome issues such as high blood pressure, poor sleep, and IBS. I often teach my clients how to do self-hypnosis. This way they can get the desired results much more rapidly.

A previous client described his experience like this, “I had problems with chest pains and breathlessness. [My GP’s] diagnosis was stress. I tried anti-depressants but they caused terrible side effects. My GP provided [Diane’s] contact details. I must confess that I had doubts about hypnotherapy but the first consultation dispelled these. I found that I could relax. The technique was simple but very effective. I felt so good and I found later that I would enjoy equally good results at home. I feel healthy, am much clearer, and have become more positive in my thinking and outlook on life.”

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