With so many hormonal shifts pregnancy can be a challenging time, full of ups and downs. Many women experience pregnancy as physically, mentally and emotionally demanding. During this time you may become aware of anxieties, fears of experiencing pain and loss of control. Issues can arise that leave you uncertain of how to deal with them. Your emotional and mental state during pregnancy directly influences your unborn baby. It is an important time for you to gain the support you need to feel relaxed, confident and build positive expectations.


In labour fear and tension create resistance in the body, and stops your muscles from working as effortlessly as nature intended. When you are able to achieve states of relaxation your body produces its’ own pain-relief in the form of endorphins. Free from fear, tension and in control of your relaxation you can experience labour as a comfortable and truly joyful experience.


Personalised one-to-one programmes


I offer a unique 6-session programme for women during pregnancy and in preparation for childbirth. These sessions provide a supportive environment where I can assist you to overcome fears and any other issues that arise during your pregnancy. You will learn relaxation techniques that enable you to remain in control, feel calm and balanced throughout your pregnancy and labour. Sessions are tailored to you as an individual and you can begin the programme in the early or later stages of pregnancy.


One of many happy clients…


“[During labour] I felt positive and relaxed… My early contractions were completely pain-free even when they showed as intense on the monitor. The midwives were impressed by my effective breathing and strong, positive attitude… Diane’s techniques complemented their care. I feel that [Diane] gave me the confidence to approach childbirth as one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and to focus on the joy that came with the birth… I will always be grateful to Diane for that… I highly recommend her.”                     G.A